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We are highly trained in all aspects
of residential conveyancing.


Buying and selling a property is one of the most important transactions that anyone undertakes in life. It is imperative that the correct documentation and legal processes are followed to ensure that both the vendor and purchaser are protected from any issues that may arise.

Residential Conveyancing

In buying or selling property, it is essential to understand your Contractual obligations.  Optima suggest you engage a conveyancer prior to executing your Contract or at the earliest opportunity.

Nominating a conveyancer early on reduces the risk of failing to meet your contractual obligations which can often result in extenuating delays and financial consequences.

We understand that each transaction is unique with specific requirements.  Whether our clients find themselves in the role of either Vendor or Purchaser, we take great care to ensure that their obligations are met.

Areas in which we assist:  

  • High level of communication
  • Contract and Form 1 review
  • Examine registered and relevant dealings on the Certificate of Title
  • Preparation and Certification of Transfer documents
  • Coordination of Settlement with financiers and other interested parties
  • Order of Statutory Searches where required
  • Update ownership details with local Council, Body Corporate Managers, SA Water etc.
  • Adjustments of Rates and Taxes
  • Completion of Stamp Duty
  • Preparation of Financial Settlement Statements
  • Payments to required parties such as Real Estate Agents, Council, Solicitor etc.

We understand that all circumstances are different.
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Streamlined management, attention to detail and professional qualifications provide the key to fast, accurate documentation of any property transaction.