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Change Of Details

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Change of Details

Your Certificate of Title should always display the correct registered proprietor name.  Changes to your legal name require an Application to be submitted with Land Services SA.   

Change of Name

Updating or correcting the Registered Proprietors name and or details on the Certificate of Title may be required due to:

  • name by marriage
  • reverting to maiden name
  • company change of name
  • change of address
  • correcting incorrect registration details currently on title

Optima can advise, prepare and lodge any Application(s) with Land Services SA on your behalf to update or correct the details on a Certificate of Title.

Appointment of New Trustee

Due to several reasons (usually to limit liability) a change in Corporate or individual trustee may be required.  To effect such an amendment on the Certificate of Title, a transfer will be lodged pursuant to the Deed of Appointment of New Trustee.

Provided there is no amendment to the beneficiaries and their interest, this type of transfer will be exempt from Stamp Duty.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document and must be lodged with the General Registry Office before any documents dealing with the land are signed by the appointed “Donee” and lodged at Land Services SA.

Powers of Attorney can be General or Enduring which can specify the dealings a Donee can sign under and even be limited to a time frame. They can come into effect due to illness, accident or absence or even being very broad allowing the Donee to sign any document the donor could legally sign at any time.

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