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Private Mortgages & Contracts

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Private Mortgages & Contracts

Personal Mortgages and Contracts ensure that your interest in the property is secured. This can be between family or friends or simply a transaction where no Agent is involved.

Private Mortgages

Private Mortgages should always be secured by some form of a written loan agreement which specifies the rate of interest, repayment terms and amount borrowed. It is not enough to have a verbal or informal agreement to lend funds as this can be perceived as a ‘gift’ by the courts if queried.

Private mortgages will often be between family members or friends and a formal loan agreement can be the best way to secure your interest.

A private mortgage can be registered or unregistered on the Certificate of Title.  In the event of the latter, the private mortgage can be secured by a caveat.

Each private mortgage has bespoke requirements and we can assist in providing you with a solution.

Private Contracts

In a competitive market Vendor’s and Purchaser’s are increasingly looking to private sales to buy and sell property. Absence of a Real Estate Agent can make navigation of this process daunting and overwhelming.

Some items to consider:

  • do you know the information required to include in a Contract for sale of land?
  • do you know what information you are legally required to disclose in a Form 1?
  • where should the deposit be paid?
  • how about what items are usually included in a sale?
  • how to make amendments to the Contract so that they are legally binding?
  • what are your responsibilities at “Contract execution” and “Settlement”?

Optima has all the tools necessary to successfully assist you in negotiating your next private contract.

We understand that all circumstances are different.
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